We see the potential hidden in what others consider waste.

Once upon a time there was grappa: a poor distillate, the product of the old farming tradition of never throwing anything away. An idea of balance and respect that is both a legacy of the past and the secret of the future; an intuition that has always embraced circularity. For us, grape marc is not just a by-product of wine production: it is the heart of grappa. It is what makes it unique.

We don't see ageing as a bad thing.

We wait patiently, for years, for time to bring us its priceless gift: the rare value of experience. We believe in lifelong friendships, everlasting love and old films. We know that a young grappa is a concert of fragrances, but an aged grappa is a symphony. We are a historic distillery, which has been distilling a quality artisanal product with patience and expertise for over 70 years, in harmony with the land and in keeping with family tradition.

We believe in the power of meetings.

We love meeting people, shaking hands, sharing lunches and dinners. We like to toss ideas around, exchange points of view and create new ones. The Distillery is always open to visitors, for a glass of grappa, a picnic in the May sunshine.

Antique craftsmanship, modern safety.

Distilling is an ancient process, the roots of which are lost in the time of the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Terms of Latin and Arabic origin merge in this art originally practised by alchemists and monks, an art with an arcane and magical flavour. Today, that ancient devotion and love is accompanied by a sharp, modern precision: every step of the distilling process is controlled by state-of-the-art equipment, as well as by the human eye. Furthermore, we carefully select the suppliers of our marc from among the finest winemakers: this is the only way we can guarantee complete safety and quality at every stage of production.

In moderatione stat virtus.

We are in love with the aromas of coffee and cocoa released by an aged spirit, the exhilarating feeling of having found a wine that will stay in your heart, the thirst-quenching coolness of a beer by the sea. And we know that these emotions can only be delivered by moderate consumption. We know the risks posed to ourselves and others by alcohol abuse, and promote slow, responsible and informed consumption, fully appreciating the intense flavour of our spirits without endangering our own health or that of others.

Fabio Rovere and Le strade di Torino