It was the third of May 1910:

as spring began turning to summer, Casalotto Primary School opened its doors for the very first time. It was round about the time when education became free for all: under the watchful eye of teacher Maria, children learned to become adults.

While the foundations of the world were being shaken by war, those of the school stayed firmly in place, offering peace, shelter and the chance to invent, even if only for a few short hours, a different world, where everyone could be who they wanted to be and make their dreams come true.

The post-war winds blew both men and women away from Casalotto, taking them to the city, towards new worlds, new stories, new opportunities; there were no longer any children for the school to teach about life and there were no longer any adults in the village to lead that life, in the space between the church and the fields.

Today, the School and the Borgo beside it return to shine in a new light, as what they once were and had no longer been for years: spaces full of life in which people can find themselves, discover something new, experience the most wonderful moments of life.

The Borgo

Borgo Roccanivo is where you’ll attend the presentation of the next book you fall in love with.

Borgo Roccanivo is where you’ll say “I do” with tears in your eyes.

Borgo Roccanivo is where you’ll discover a young artist who fills canvases with emotions you never knew you could feel.

Borgo Roccanivo is a village square that comes back to life, a place from yesterday that finds new life in today, a terrace that looks straight at the UNESCO hills.

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The School

Between history books and maps lies the possibility of a new life.

Inside the written, sweated and disputed words, a different world is invented. From the meeting of minds that were initially distant, this world can become real. At our school desks, along the road we share as we grow up, we fall in love for the first time and make friendships that last a lifetime.

We walk a path together, made up of trials and obstacles that make us grow and evolve day by day, always raising the bar to a new level, letting ourselves be conquered by the unexpected. It is time for the school of Casalotto to go back to being what it was: a place to learn about ourselves and everything else there is to know, to explore, to create relationships and enjoy new experiences. The place that will host the courses of the Solo per Gian Foundation.

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Parco Roccanivo

The inhabitants of Parco Roccanivo play hide and seek in its eight hectares. Clocks that don’t tell the time, huge chairs that you have to climb up to sit on: nothing is as it should be.

Among poplar and hazelnut trees, a hat perhaps forgotten by an absent-minded hatter, and amidst the lavender, rosemary and thyme bushes, a hidden deck of playing cards just waiting to be played with.

The oak trees planted in honour of the Corporazione degli Acquavitieri Italiani house lots and lots of families of small animals among their sturdy branches; I swear I saw them walking around the park, gazing curiously at the paintings made by the youngsters of the Cooperativa Fraternità e Amicizia. And who’s that over there, intent on stealing apricots and cherries from the trees? A big white rabbit.

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