Why get married at Borgo

The moment you say yes will be with you for the rest of your life. Borgo Roccanivo, with its three terraces overlooking the hills, will be the perfect place to say it. Do you prefer to celebrate indoors? In the interior space, with its exposed beams and large windows overlooking the Monferrato, you can make your dream come true. You can also have fun mixing indoor and outdoor; your unique day starts here.

We accompany you step by step.

How many things are needed for a dream wedding? From aperitif to night, we are at your disposal to realise the event of the year together. Contact us to find out how we can make it even more special.

    how many people will participate?

    A location,many different events

    Borgo Roccanivo is not just weddings:
    large corporate conventions, team building, conferences, concerts… we offer customised solutions for all your events just a stone’s throw from Turin, Milan and Genoa. Why organise a classic event when you can create an unforgettable experience in a functional and elegant space surrounded by greenery?

    Few but good

    Do you prefer a wedding for a few intimates? Would you like to organise an exclusive team building retreat? Looking for an atmospheric space for your private party? Discover Villa Prato and Villa Castelletto, charming favours in the heart of Piedmont.

    visit Villa Pratovisit Villa Castelletto

    From history, a new beginning

    Borgo Roccanivo is a village square that is once again populated, a place of yesterday that finds new life in today; An ambitious renovation with one goal: to bring an old square and a school with no more children to a second life; Have we succeeded? We think so.


    The Casalotto School, after years of disuse, is once again becoming what it was: a place for learning and learning, for navigating discovery, for building relationships and experiencing new opportunities. The place that will host the courses of the Solo per Gian Foundation.

    Watch the courses


    In the eight hectares of the Park of Wonders its inhabitants play hide and seek. Among poplar and hazelnut trees, a hat perhaps forgotten by an absent-minded hatter, and amidst the lavender, rosemary and thyme bushes, a hidden deck of playing cards just waiting to be played with.

    The oaks planted in honour of the Corporazione degli Acquavitieri Italiani are home to families and families of small animals among their strong branches; we swear we have seen them strolling through the park, gazing curiously at the paintings made by the boys of the Cooperativa Fraternità e Amicizia. And who’s that over there, intent on stealing apricots and cherries from the trees? A big white rabbit.