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Federico Buffa in Italia Mundial

Tuesday, 05/03/2022

The journalist and well-known face of Sky talks about the unforgettable victory of the Italian national team at the World Cup held in Spain in 1982.

The most beloved Italy of all time wins the most beautiful World Cup. The goals of Paolo Rossi, the scream of Marco Tardelli, the saves of Dino Zoff, the pipe of Enzo Bearzot, the magical night of the Bernabeu, the arms to the sky of the President of the Republic Sandro Pertini relive in the unmistakable voice of Federico Buffa but above all that patrimony of anecdotes and “parallel stories” that make the monologues of this formidable storyteller unique.

All this in the evocative setting of Borgo Roccanivo, a multifunctional complex for events that opens its doors for the first time after a careful restoration commissioned by the Berta family.

XXIV Capitolo Corporazione Acquavitieri Italiani

Friday 27th May 2022

On Friday 27th May we celebrated the XXIV Chapter of the Guild of Distillers: an annual occasion to pay homage to the great people who make Italy a more beautiful place.

We cannot describe in words the joy we have felt in welcoming the new Ladies and the new Knights: we want to thank them one by one.

Bersani Pier Luigi
Bettini Simone
Carbone Marco
Caretti Paolo
Damini Bruno
Demartini Eugenio
Garbarino Francesco
González Pablo Andrés
Lavelli Massimo
Mancuso Laura
Maraschio Nicoletta
Miserocchi Andrea
Odorizzi Eleonora
Padoan Pier Carlo
Pisanti Aniello
Pulito Maria Antonietta
Righi Luciano
Roggero Nicola
Rogna Lorenzo
Stallone Tiziana
Stellini Cristian
Vessicchio Giuseppe

Cantine Aperte 2022

Sunday, 05/29/2022

After two years of stop, Cantine Aperte is back! A day of food, cocktails and spirits on the terrace of Borgo Roccanivo to discover all the secrets of a fascinating world: distillation.