The VatCellar

The starting point is the Vat Cellar; here the grappa spends its first year in large vats made of Slavonian oak.

The BarriqueCellar

This is where our jewels, products that require several years of care to achieve completion, continue their journey. It will take five, eight, ten, twenty years, stored in Tronçais d’Allier oak barriques and tonneaux and lulled by classical music and colour therapy for them to become the delight of connoisseurs, the pleasurable accompaniment for a special evening, the rarest collector’s item.

Research& Development

Waiting years for your idea to become reality is an act of strength. Achieving innovation over a period of years is an act of faith. We have dedicated a cellar to this: the Research & Development cellar. Here we invent, blend different grappas and experiment with new ageing processes. We fail and we succeed.


The last of our cellars is dedicated to a man. Solo per Gian.

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Sustainable Ageing

The Vat Cellar, the Barrique Cellar and the Research and Development Cellar have been built underground. This makes them naturally insulated and allows the maintenance of a constant temperature, with no heating and no air-conditioning. We have also designed a natural ventilation system to allow the air to circulate. Our Grappa ages in perfect harmony with nature.