The fining cellars

Once made, the acquavite rests in stainless steel containers, but when it shows organoleptic characteristics, it is put in barrels of diverse essences to begin its long and patient path to maturation.

The time spent in wooden casks is key to making a fundamental distinction between refined grappa and aged grappa. Indeed, fining covers a time period which can last between three months and a maximum of twelve months. All that remains barreled for a period longer than a year can be defined as aged.

All our aged grappas start their aging process in the “Vats Cellar”. In this cellar there are 13 vats made of Slavonian oak, a wood particularly suitable for ageing spirits in large barrels.


Le Cantine.
Le Cantine. Le Cantine.

Riservas, once the first year in Tini is completed, are then transferred inside either Barriques or Tonneaux in order to complete their aging process. Inside this cellar the barrels are aged from eight to twenty years. With a light and music game, Grappa ends its aging process.

Entirely underground and isolated in order to avoid natural temperature variations, the structure was designed with a natural ventilation system that provides air recirculation without the aid of air conditioners. It therefore has several advantages over traditional cellars, in that problems such as mould and excessive humidity are solved.

Inside the cellar are thousands of barriques and tonneaux made in Troncais d’Allier, a valuable French oak, ideal for ageing great distillates. The medium toast gives the product an amber colour, a heady scent of vanilla and tobacco, accompanied by an unmistakable fruit-rich aroma.

Lovers of fine drinks cannot help but be captivated by this fascinating subterranean world where the Berta Reserve wines age for years, simply waiting for the right moment to be bottled, according to the wisdom of the artisan.


In 2012 the building was enlarged again with a new space dedicated to the research. It’s the Research Developement Cellar where experiments on new Grappas, blends and aging processes are developed.

The SoloPerGian project was launched in 2016.

SoloPerGian is a product, a cellar, a Foundation, a Man.

SoloPerGian is a cellar where Gianfranco Berta’s last project ages: the blend of the crus of Barbera, Nebbiolo and Moscato, aged eight years in 1200-litre containers and two years in IOO-litre casks.

SoloPerGian is a non-profit Foundation, the aims of which include the support of struggling artisans, as well as teaching a trade which can be a valid aid to young people and the unemployed, providing them with professional skills and making them eligible for employment, at a time when it seems to becoming increasingly difficult to find a job.

Le Cantine. Le Cantine.