It's a matter of People - It’s Blend, It’s Art!

It's a Matter of People
It’s Blend, It’s Art!


I believe that
every job well done is an art.



The Castello Collection believes that art is everywhere, because art is what makes us alive. It tries to add a touch of passionate art to everything it does. Its emotions are endless, as limitless as beauty. Its favourite pastime is seeking out unexpected places of beauty and absorbing part of them. It is happy when it can mould its world to resemble those places of beauty that it loves so much, be it with words, colours or flavours. Its soul is filled with a passion that resembles complete devotion: it could spend hours experimenting, combining, mixing and studying. While undoubtedly exhausting, this is an effort full of love. The Castello Collection arouses the emotions of those lucky enough to know its art, because that art is its very reason for living.


It was 2016 and we went to open the castle for the first time. We tidied up every single room and found so many really incredible things… For example, in one of the bedrooms there was a child’s tiny china tea-set. A whole cabinet full of mini teapots and cups… and then there was an amazing library full of very old books. Entering such a precious place, feeling like you're surrounded by wonderful things full of history all the time, makes you feel as though you're inside a painting. You really feel like you are part of something much bigger than you, that transcends the here and now and goes beyond the boundaries of space and time.



Cooking is an art in its own right. It takes a precise hand, knowing how to dose the ingredients, how to combine them, always discovering new flavours or new tastes to make a dish complete. This is what makes cooking an art, because we have the opportunity to take some ingredients and transform them, making them similar to what we have in our hearts: taste, sight, aroma... food is much more than just food. It is a commitment towards the search for the perfect ingredients, intelligence applied to their combination, love for the person you’re cooking for. It's a balance of textures, flavours and fragrances... each individual flavour helps create a whole that is more than the sum of its parts, the perfect union between the ingredient and the hand that transforms it. And it's always exciting to discover what the dish has in store for us: the story doesn't end when the dish is finished. It's a continuous evolution, an ongoing innovation towards something wonderful, towards the best.


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