It's a Matter of People. Let’s Start from Nature

It's a Matter of People
Let’s Start from Nature

The Elisi and Unica Collection smells of fresh, delicate flowers. It knows that the Earth is our most precious possession and that it is in the Earth that the answers to all its questions lie. It reads, studies and gathers information, becoming a little bit better every day. It loves animals and loves knowing that they are free. It thinks that great revolutions stem from small changes and works every day to be the change it wants to see. When it needs to recharge its batteries, it goes for a walk in the woods and absorbs all their colours and scents. Its dream is to see the forests come back to cloak the Earth.


The first corporations of brandy makers will stay in my memories and in my heart forever



I've been working here for years. It's a special place because, while we all have our own roles, we end up doing lots of different things. Let's just say that you never get bored: when the rhythms of your work are so closely linked to those of nature and its fruits, it's impossible to get bored. I remember when we did the very first Open Cellars event. We were all really busy and Gian put me in charge of preparing the food platters... I spent the whole day slicing salami and cheese!



Before coming here, I live in the Maldives. I spent six years living and working there. Then nine years ago, I met Gianfranco and Simonetta for the first time and came to Italy. After three years, my wife came to join me; our little girl, who's now three, was born here. The great thing about being in Italy is that there is always something beautiful to see: after work or at weekends, I take my wife and daughter on trips out of town. There are the most wonderful parks around here, full of all kinds of plants and flowers. We're trying to teach our daughter to love nature.



Adoro la natura. La mia stagione preferita è l’estate, perché posso godermi appieno le colline passeggiando e immergendomi nel verde…anche l’autunno è molto bello, qui le colline esplodono di colori ed è bellissimo fotografarle. Vado spesso a camminare nei prati, per sentire tutti i profumi e ammirare tutto quanto di bello ci offre la natura. I love nature. My favourite season is summer, because I can go walking and enjoy the hills to the fullest, surrounded by nature... Autumn is fabulous too. The hills become an explosion of colour and you can take amazing photographs. I often go for walks in the meadows, to breathe in all the scents and admire all the beauty nature has to offer.


  • It's a Matter of People. Let’s Start from Nature.
  • It's a Matter of People. Let’s Start from Nature.