Oltre - Living the Discovery

It's a Matter of People
Living the Discovery

Oltre is curiosity and exploration, action and reason. At night, while others sleep, it loses itself, gazing at the stars through a telescope, to see if there’s still something left in the darkness to discover. Curiosity is the driving force of its days; hasty explanations and clichés are never enough, it seeks new paths and new horizons every day, new things to do and new ways to do the things it has done before. When it wakes up in the morning, it gets ready to be overwhelmed by the wonder of a new discovery. Oltre lives off surprises, of the kind that have the power to change you, inside and out; it knows that nothing stays the same forever, and that this is what makes life so beautiful. The fire inside it knows no limits; it goes further.


I'm involved in distillation here, so I come into very close contact with the product, monitoring it, working with it. When I have to devise a new product, I think about it day and night, trying out a thousand combinations. For a time, nothing seems to work, but then something just clicks... and there it is, the perfect combination, which was just waiting to be discovered. I like to think that the perfect ensemble is already there and that I have to find it, bring it to the light and let it express itself. And it makes me happy when people taste it for the first time and like it. Every time I carry out the distilling process and, after lots of hard work, the finished product comes out... well, I am proud of what I do.



Eight years ago, on the day of “Cantine Aperte”, we were all very excited and looking forward to the day, and my wife called me and said “I've sent you a photo my love. Please look at it because it's important”. I had absolutely no idea whatsoever that I was about to make the most wonderful discovery of my life: we were expecting a baby. In the meantime, the first group of people arrived. They were quite young, about 20/25 years old, and I was so excited, I just couldn't think straight! So, I said to them: “I'm so sorry, I'm not feeling myself today because my wife has just given me some fantastic news: we're expecting a baby”. These people, whom I had never met before and never even seen, started congratulating me and hugging me.



When I was little, I lived in Mombaruzzo and I became friends with the granddaughter of the previous owners of Villa Prato. I remember we used to play at being explorers, seeking out new corners of the garden every day. And then I remember this big door which we weren't allowed to open. I used to fantasise about what might be hidden behind it. I remember this feeling of fascination and mystery, of something out of reach that you can sense but can't quite see or hear. I would have loved to discover what was hidden behind that door. At the time I never dreamed that I would end up working here, but here I am, and now that I've finally solved the mystery, these memories fill me with immense enthusiasm every day.



I've been here for twenty years so I've seen all the generations: from the founder Paolo to Gianfranco and Chicco, to Annacarla and Giulia. I remember my first day at work. I had spoken to Chicco and Gian, so I expected to meet them first. But I arrived early and, since he was always there, I met Paolo straight away. He opened the door and welcomed me in as though I were one of the family. It was a wonderful discovery. I didn't expect him to be so friendly and easy-going! I was so surprised because I thought he was going to be grumpy and withdrawn. Sometimes the most beautiful discoveries of all are people.


  • Oltre - Living the Discovery
  • Oltre - Living the Discovery