It's a matter of people. It's a matter of time.

It's a matter of people
It's a matter of time


The past fourteen years
have been full of stories
worth telling...



The Reserves Collection gives back the time it takes. The irreplaceable value of patience is hidden in time and the Reserves Collection is constant in its love. The frenetic haste of everyday life is offset by the slow kindness of time. Its clock moves at a pace that is different from ours, because the rhythm of Nature is different, and the Reserves Collection respects that. It knows that the best things stand the test of time. It loves vintage films, classical music, the crackling of a fire in the fireplace when it’s raining outside. It believes that a thousand little steps take you much further than one big one. It gives itself time to make its dreams come true, watching as they become bigger and better with every step. Gradually, with time, it becomes loveable, worthy of a love that is full and round, a love that comes from absolute trust.


There are so many anecdotes I could tell. I've been here for a long time, so I've shared a lot of things with practically the whole team. I've been going to Vinitaly for years now; one year we were going to a really nice restaurant on the lake and the satnav took us down a very narrow road, and we couldn't get through with the van. So I had to change route and by the time we got to the restaurant it was after ten o'clock! Another time, again at Vinitaly, I was with Gianmaria and a tyre exploded while we were driving along the road in the middle of the night. Spending a long time here means you get the chance to create some really wonderful and special ties with lots of different people. Those you've worked with for years and others who arrive later and give you a new lease of life.



I've been here forever, basically. When I knocked on the door of the Distillery I was hoping to find a job, but what I actually found was much more than that; I found a friendship too. I remember when I told him I wouldn’t have gone to the military service, Gian didn't say anything, he just gave me a high five. I've always been here, even when there were just five of us in the whole company - me, Paolo, Eleonora, Chicco, Gian and Simo - I saw Annacarla grow up... I was here. In good times and bad, I've always been here. And these people have always been here for me. That's the beauty of growing old together.


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