It's a Matter of People - Let’s Travel

It's a Matter of People
Let’s Travel

Villa Prato always has its suitcase packed and ready to go. Whether for a comfortable flight or a crazy motorbike ride, it really doesn't matter: what matters is travelling. Villa Prato enjoys travelling with friends but also alone; it knows the value of sharing the best things in life but also appreciates its own company. And whatever happens, it knows it will meet someone during the journey. Villa Prato has an open heart and an open mind so there’s no room for prejudice in its suitcase. It believes in scents and flavours and is convinced that only by eating the food of a people can you really understand the culture of their land. Villa Prato keeps a journal full of cards, notes and colours in the drawer of its bedside table and every now and then, before going to sleep, it opens that drawer and it’s like watching a fragrantly spicy Indian sunrise all over again.


A group of us in the sector, particurarly those who work as Export Managers, have also created a story on Instagram: Life on the Road.



Travelling enriches the soul: besides tasing new flavours, visiting new places and enjoying new experiences, you meet new people, make connections with them and with their different culture, learning that they have a whole variety of things to offer. I see every day as a new journey: working in hospitality gives me the chance to meet different people every day and enrich myself just a little bit more. Every client leaves me with something special, and not just emotionally...One Australian client in particular gave me a cuddly koala bear, which I still keep on my desk!



The great thing about travelling for my job is that I get to see what goes on behind the scenes, a privilege granted only to very few. I get to see how different cultures handle food, the ingredients they use, how they treat them...every people has its own individual way of preparing food, arranging flavours, timing and cooking techniques. Every place gives you something, an aroma, a gesture, something you can take home with you. I have to be honest though: I love Italy. Every region has its own special features, its own unique flavours…how can you even begin to compare them? Travelling around Italy means really travelling.



I’ve been in Italy for a very long time now. Le Distillerie helped me out a lot at the outset. When they opened Villa Prato, I began working there; it was so nice because I immediately felt like I was involved, and we created a great team. We support each other a lot. I like working in a hotel because it’s a bit like travelling yourself, even when you aren’t going anywhere: you meet people from all over the world, coming and going, and you get to see the differences that characterise people from every corner of the globe. They all take something from us and leave something behind when they go: what could be better?


  • It's a Matter of People - Let’s Travel.
  • It's a Matter of People - Let’s Travel.