New eyes to see an ancient art

Learn about the history of distilling, as old as man himself: from the fruits and herbs of Mesopotamia to the Greek alchemists, from the Romans who distilled maritime pines to extract their resin, to the Persian, Avicenna, who invented the still. A magical, ancestral art, enveloped in mystery.

Testimonials to centuries of history

Discover the incredible variety of distilling tools and how they have changed through the ages. Alembics, stills, maceration tanks for spirits… the Berta Museum is a magical place for aficionados and the inquisitive!

A family matter

Look at how Berta’s bottles have changed. From the most unusual blown-glass shapes to the iconic flask, every bottle conveys the trends, aesthetic tastes and moods of its time. And the more attentive won’t miss the old recipe book drafted and typed by Paolo Berta himself, to help him in his work as a distiller!

Not just spirits

History enthusiasts will be delighted: a collection of historical documents, including a map of Mombaruzzo dating back to the 1700s and the days of the Marquise Pallavicini, muse of Ugo Foscolo, and the deed of foundation of the Community of Casalotto, is here to be admired. And what about the collection of vintage labels of spirits, liqueurs, punches, bitters, all original and all “made in Berta”? The dream of every Graphic Design fan!