Amaretto DiMombaruzzo is part of our story. An almond liqueur, as sweet as the love between a Sicilian and a Piedmontese: that love from which Amaretto di Mombaruzzo was born.

Hydrated alcohol, sugar, almond infusions

Bottle size
cl 70

Alcohol content
28% vol.

Recommended glass

Tasting notes

Complex, pervasive, enveloping, with outstanding personality.
A splendid concert of sensations, featuring almond, cherry and ripe fruit.

Rich, enveloping, confirming the sensations found in the bouquet.

Drink it like this!

Amaretto Sour

The sweetness of the almond, the acidity of the lime: impossible to stop drinking it;

  • Lime 20 ml
  • Sugar syrup 1:1 25 ml
  • Di Mombaruzzo – Amaretto 50 ml
  • Egg white 25 ml

Build the drink in the shaker and perform the first shake without ice (dry shake), add ice and shake again for 15 seconds, using the double strain technique pour the drink directly into the cup or on the rocks (glass filled with ice) according to preference.