Favola Mia

Favola Mia

Once upon a time there was a valley, a golden valley

of guarded secrets, where a mysterious fairy with an inebriating fragrance lived. The green fairy. Born from a secret elixir made with absinthe, the fairy liked to surround herself with special things, a perforated spoon, a cube of sugar, a fountain of cold, flowing water.

Only when the icy water touched the elixir did the fairy work her miracle. The transparent drink became cloudy, circles appeared, waves began to surge, whirlwinds and eddies formed, and the rebellious spirit of the Green Fairy appeared, seeming to emerge from the water and come to life.

Bold and mischievous, she visited granaries, penetrated stills, scented kitchens, cheered taverns and enchanted all who approached her. One day, while searching for new adventures, she left her valley to venture out into the wide world.

She stopped in the Ville Lumière where she knew glory, before arriving here in Piedmont. She visited the Parisian cafés where women lost their virtue, men lost their reason and poets became cursed. The fairy had become wicked. A real persecution began, a witch hunt, but the fairy always managed to escape, to hide, to take refuge with her faithful servants. Underground distillers.

The years went by, but the fairy remained elusive. You would see her coming out of secret cellars at night, catch a glimpse of her at dawn, near an isolated inn, in the forest or at a turn in the path. The fairy wandered. She would appear and disappear. The fairy dreamed and, remaining elusive, let herself be seen only by the worthy, by those who loved her. The fairy understood our passion. The passion for the distillate. The passion for the artemisia that brings her to life, like a vortex. Hidden in Monteu Roero Castle, she showed herself, revealing her sweet and sinuous side.

Like a fairy tale. La Favola Mia.

Hydrated alcohol, sugar, artemisia infusions

Bottle size
cl 70

Alcohol content
42% vol.

Recommended glass

Tasting notes

Complex, pervasive, enveloping, with outstanding personality.
A splendid concert of sensations featuring artemisia, star anise, mint and coriander.

Rich, enveloping, confirming the sensations found in the bouquet.

Drink it like this!

The Fairies of Casalotto

The legend tells of the Green Fairy, who seduces and brings intoxication to humans; What the legend does not say is that fairies also hide in Casalotto..;

  • Brandy Casalotto 40 ml
  • Favola Mia – liquore assenzio 25 ml
  • Sparkling Water 25 ml
  • Angostura 1 dash
  • Sugar cube

Smear the inside walls of the glass with absinthe before adding the ice, build up the drink in the glass and stretch by melting the ice before serving;