Convento S. Giovanni

Convento S. Giovanni

The 1500s had just begun when the Franciscan friars of the Convent of St. John in Nizza Monferrato invented the Recipe of Happiness.

A skillful mix of herbs and spices, carefully grown and carefully preserved in the Convent’s herbarium.

Today, more than five centuries after its birth, the Convento di S.Giovanni comes alive again.
We have enriched the original recipe by infusing the herbs into the 35-year-old brandy and finishing it off with a passage in the cask, but its soul has remained the same: a smooth, spicy Amaro Riserva that tastes of the little things that make you happy;

Brandy, sugar, flavoring.

Bottle size
cl 70

Alcohol content
30% vol.

Recommended glass

Tasting notes

Complex, pervasive, enveloping, with outstanding personality.
Wonderful concert of sensations in which cinchona, cinnamon, and licorice stand out.

Rich, enveloping, confirming the sensations found in the bouquet.

Drink it like this!

An American in Roccanivo

The legend tells of the Green Fairy, who seduces and brings intoxication to humans; What the legend does not say is that fairies also hide in Casalotto..;

  • sherry 15ml
  • vermouth 15ml
  • convento di s.giovanni 15ml
  • bitter Campari 45ml
  • bitter mix (citrus+cherry) 3 drops each
  • angostura 1 dash