Mito delle Ore

Mito delle Ore

Mythology tells stories of a time long ago, when reality became history, history became legend and that legend, shared in the form of song from town to town, was transformed into myth.

Mythology tells of the existence of the Hours, an ancient legend that became myth. The Hours, daughters of Zeus and Themis, were the guardians of Olympus and protectors of the heavens. Bewitchingly beautiful goddesses, they guaranteed the order of nature and the regular succession of the seasons.

Thallo, Goddess of buds and blooms, Spring.
Auxo, Goddess of growth, Summer.
Carpo, Goddess of fruit and harvest, Autumn.

In their dance around the sun, they marked the passing of time, ensured the changing of the seasons and allowed the natural cycle of life to take place. Flowering, ripening, harvest. Each phase was managed by its own Goddess. Every moment was prepared, studied, cherished. Every moment happened because it was meant to be.
Finding the Myth of the Hours in a fresco in the rooms of Monteu Roero Castle, we decided to entrust their product

to these miraculous Goddesses. Grape Distillate. A way of asking them to oversee the cycle of the vine, its fruit, its nectar. Simply to continue their dance around the sun.


Berta selection

Origin of the marc
Selected from the best producers in the typical production zones

Bottle size
cl. 70

Alcohol content
42% vol

Recommended glass

Tasting notes


Complex, pervasive, enveloping. There are also sensations of peach blossom, pear and quince with a vanilla finish

Rich, enveloping, confirming the seductive sensations found in the bouquet.

Distilling and Ageing

Distilling system

Copper steam still

Casks used
Various types

Toasting of the casks