Oltre il Dilidia

Oltre il Dilidia

A journey from Sicily to the Monferrato region

Oltre Il DiLidia grappa is an aged grappa made from a meticulous blend of local grappas, distilled using the traditional discontinuous steam method and skilfully aged in Marsala barrels.

A tradition that is renewed: the first barrels used for the ageing of our distillates were those that arrived in the 1950s and 1960s at the wineries of Canelli from Sicily, for the production of Egg Marsala. Once emptied, the barrels were so impregnated with the aromatic notes of Marsala that they could no longer be used for ageing other wines, but our mother Lidia, who was from Canelli, had the idea of using them to age the Grappas distilled by her husband Paolo.


Bottle size
cl. 70

Alcohol content
43% vol.

Recommended glass

Tasting notes


complex, delicate, enveloping. Among the many sensations perceived, those of candied citrus, aniseed, spices and sultanas stand out.

smooth and enveloping, with a silky texture that lingers in the mouth, confirming the seductive sensations found in the bouquet.

Distilling and Ageing

Distilling system

Copper steam still

Casks used
Various types

Toasting of the casks