Every Piedmontese grandmother has her own recipe for Rosolio: a sweet, aromatic rose liqueur. But Grandma didn’t tell us to add it to gin and tonic!

Hydrated alcohol, sugar, rose petal infusions.

Bottle size
cl 70

Alcohol content
25% vol.

Recommended glass

Tasting notes

Bouquet: Complex, pervasive, enveloping, with outstanding personality.
A splendid concert of sensations featuring floral notes of rose petals, banana and vanilla.

Rich, enveloping, confirming the sensations found in the bouquet.

Drink it like this!


Rosolio is a very sweet and persistent liqueur; The Sweet&Sour we've all been waiting for!

  • Lime 20 ml
  • Sugar syrup 1:1 25 ml
  • Di Rose – Rosolio 50 ml
  • Egg white 25 ml

Build the drink in the shaker and perform the first shake without ice (dry shake), add ice and shake again for 15 seconds, using the double strain technique pour the drink directly into the cup or on the rocks (glass filled with ice) according to preference.