Mito delle Ore

Mito delle Ore.

Mythology tells of a time, long ago, when reality became history, history legend, and the legend, being sung from town to town, turned into myth. It tells of the existence of the Hours, an ancient legend transformed into myth. The Hours, daughters of Zeus and Themis, were the guardians of Olympus and protectors of Heaven. They were goddesses of captivating beauty, who ensured the order of nature and that the seasons followed one another regurarly. Thallo, goddess of flowering; the Spring, Auxo, goddess of summer bloom: the Summer. Carpo, goddess of the fruit and harvest: the Autumn. In their dance around the sun they marked time, ensuring the changing of the seasons, and allowing the natural cycle of life be fulfilled. Flowering ripening, harvest: each phase was run by a female deity. Every moment was prepared, studied and taken care of. Every moment came to be because it was meant to be. On finding “Il Mito delle Ore” in a fresco in the halls of Monteu Roero Castle, the Berta family decided to entrust these miraculous gods with their product: the grape distillate. It was a way of asking them to watch over the cycle of the vines, its fruits, and its nectar: to put it simply, to continue their dance around the sun.
Alcohol content: 42%vol. Bottle content: cl 70 Service glass: SELEZIONE glass.