Aged Grappa
in 100 litres barrels

Grape variety and source of the marcBarbera, Nebbiolo, Moscato.
Distillation systemDiscontinuous cycle.
MachineryCopper steam stills.
Types of wood used1200 litre casks for eight years and 100 litres barrels for two years.
Toasting of the woodVarious.
AromaFull, subtle, overwhelming, with great personality. Among the various sensations perceived the mature fruit, the small fruits, the cocoa and the vanilla stand out.
FlavourRich, overwhelming. The seductive sensations perceived from the aroma are confirmed.
Bottle contentCl 70.
Alcohol content43% vol.
Glass recommendedSoloPerGian glass.

SoloPerGian is a grappa that has been created from the skilful combination of Tre Soli Tre, Roccanivo and Bric del Gaian 2005, all aged for 10 years in the new cellars in 1200 litre and 100 litre barrels.
SoloPerGian is our story, which we have wanted to take and safeguard in our completely renovated Berta Musem.
SoloPerGian is also a non-profit charity which supports artisans in need and helps young people who want to learn a trade.
It is a toast to the history of a family and its region. It is a tribute to a man with a good soul, Gianfranco.
A special dedication.