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Castelletto dell’Annunziata

Part angels, part devils

An unseen war is fought every day, from the heights of the heavens to the bowels of the earth: that between good and evil, which those who believe in the existence of the divine juxtapose with angels and devils. But angels and devils also have their own battlegrounds in wine cellars-at least, this is what the master distillers in France claimed centuries ago. In fact, among the first to age their cognac in oak barrels, they noticed that after aging, the level of their precious distillate had dropped and the cellars were saturated with delicious and very intense fragrance. Hence the deduction: the angels who carefully and attentively guarded and watched over the barrels indulged in a few drops of the precious distillate in the form of heady perfume. What about the devils? All that is left for them to do is to sip all the grappa they can from the impregnated planks of the barrels.

Little secrets, great spirits

Make your grappa even more extraordinary: listen to Enrico Berta’s advice on the art of tasting, the perfect pairings and the best storage.

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    The best pleasures end soon

    But the packages can remain in the environment for years. Follow these directions to properly dispose of all parts of your bottle.


    Give an enveloping experience to all your senses: accompany your distillate to the soundtrack we have designed for you


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