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Favola Mia

The Legend of the Green Fairy

Absinthe: there is no alcohol that has such a great fame but also so controversial. In the 1800s, the streets of Paris and all of France are filled with desperate people, dangling, losing their balance, crying out to creatures only they can see. Doctors move to figure out why this strange epidemic is taking away intellectuals, dancers, and people of all classes of culture and class, and soon find the alleged culprit: Tujone, a terpene found in huge quantities in Artemisia Absinthum. The Green Fairy, who at the time filled the shelves of Europe’s most famous and decadent clubs, is banned, driven out of the cities, treated as a dangerous criminal. In Italy it even becomes illegal to produce or import it. Today the situation is quite different, and the Green Fairy is once again free to travel around Europe, thanks in part to a series of studies that have rehabilitated her: the so-called absinthe syndrome was nothing more than a manifestation of very advanced and debilitating forms of alcoholism, of which only a number of social and political reasons wanted to see absinthe, as it was all the rage at the time, as the culprit.

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