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Mito delle Ore

Beyond man, myth

The Hours are the guardians of Olympus. Dancing around the sun they mark time, ensure the changing of the seasons, allow the natural cycle of life to be fulfilled. On the walls of Monteu Roero Castle, they dance eternally and protect the crops of Piedmont. But they are not the only ones; other myths of Greek origin are portrayed on the Castle walls. The Allegories of Day and Night take up the theme of the cyclic repetition of time, while two other stories warn man of trying to push the limits of his own pride: they are the myth of Daedalus, builder of the Minotaur Labyrinth, and his son Icarus, who with wax wings flew too close to the Sun, and the myth of Phaethon, the son of the Sun who tried to drive his father’s chariot, losing control of it and plunging into the Eridanus River.

Little secrets, great spirits

Make your grappa even more extraordinary: listen to Enrico Berta’s advice on the art of tasting, the perfect pairings and the best storage.

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    The best pleasures end soon

    But the packages can remain in the environment for years. Follow these directions to properly dispose of all parts of your bottle.


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