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Oltre il Vallo


When people talk about whiskey, they also talk a lot about peat, which has been identified as being responsible for the pleasant smoky taste of many spirits in this category. But what exactly is it? To answer this question, we need to go peek into the holes and depressed areas of the ground, where bits of moss, leaves, and pine needles accumulate. Where the temperature is low, the rainfall frequent and the humidity high this water that has fallen from the sky is unable to evaporate and remains to cover these plant residues which, very slowly, begin to decompose but do not carbonize; as time passes the residues accumulate and so, century after century, a kind of spongy, blackish material is formed, composed of more than 70 percent water. It is peat.
The process of peat creation is continuous but very slow: about 1mm of peat is created in a year.

Little secrets, great spirits

Make your grappa even more extraordinary: listen to Enrico Berta’s advice on the art of tasting, the perfect pairings and the best storage.

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    The best pleasures end soon

    But the packages can remain in the environment for years. Follow these directions to properly dispose of all parts of your bottle.

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