A space that’s both
beautiful and good.

If you have a passion for spirits and can’t wait to discover all their secrets…
If you are an open and sociable person and you like telling stories and helping people…
If you have a keen taste for goodness and beauty…
At the Distillery you will find a space tailored perfectly to your passions.

“The farther you go,the more you stay united”

export manager

The right place for your talent to flourish.

At the Distillery, we have an ambitious dream: to make the name of grappa truly great all around the world. And we know that the best dreams are dreamed together.
That’s why we fully appreciate all the people who work with us and give everyone the opportunity to display their inclinations and talents: we believe that a happy and fulfilled team is a winning team.

We believe in all the nuances of interaction.

We believe that only the interaction of different stories and experiences creates true wealth. We are open to people of all genders, ethnicities and orientations and guarantee fair conditions for everyone.
We strive to create a serene environment, welcoming the proposals and points of view of all those who work with us; we believe that it is only through interaction that we can grow.

"So I found myself, three days after being hired and just out of university, flying over the hills by helicopter"

sales office

The flame that keeps us awake, from one day to the next, is called quality: we need you to keep it alive. Discover our job vacancies or send us a general application.

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    "I've always felt like home"